Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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    NHS staff and rough sleepers offered college accommodation

    Several Oxford colleges have made rooms available for homeless people and health workers to combat the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. University College and Pembroke College...

    Wadham student suspended over work for radical Islamist group

    A student at Wadham was suspended after telling a Daily Mail reporter he wishes to 'rebuild' Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamist extremist group, in Oxford. The suspension has since been rescinded.

    Wadham students demonstrate against proposed rent prices

    Students and college authorities are in conflict over the proposed rent of Wadham's newly-built second year accommodation block

    Prime Minister’s former chief of staff becomes Wadham fellow

    Nick Timothy resigned from Downing Street in the aftermath of the 2017 General Election

    Wadham SU will fund students’ travel to Gender Identity clinics

    The SU will be providing £150 per term for students to travel to Gender Identity Clinics

    Wadham evict three homeless people

    The individuals had been occupying land owned by Wadham at the end of Savile Road since last month, using materials from the College to build shelters

    Wadham trials smoking restriction in Trinity

    Wadham joins St Hugh's, St Edmund's Hall, and other colleges in limiting or banning smoking on campus

    Wadham trials new ‘paternalistic’ smoking restriction

    A Wadham second year told Cherwell: “ Such paternalism really isn’t in the spirit of Wadham, in my opinion."

    Wadham hosts £500-a-head ketamine conference

    Academics and NHS employees discussed the drug's antidepressant effects

    Oxford academic drowned in Greece

    The highly respected Classics tutor and lecturer drowned off the coast of Ouranoupoli, Greece last September