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Cherpse! Dilip and Tori

Dilip Goyal, 2nd Year, E&M, Brasenose It was nice to meet Tori, she was very amiable and easy to...

Cherpse! Arthur and Anna

Arthur Fooks, 1st Year, Geography, Keble  I went into the date looking for someone with an iguana. Anna has...

Cherpse! Fred and Pierce

Pierce Jones, First Year, History, Braesnose Initially I had some trouble finding Fred outside the cafe – as it turns...

Blind Date: “Honestly, we couldn’t really have been more different”

Asking the same question makes for poor quality chat

Blind Date: “I had to reclaim my seat from a toddler...

Emily Westlake and Elliot Gulliver-Needham get political but not physical

Blind Date: “We didn’t really click as more than friends”

Alvin Fujito and Jess Woods don’t get each other’s numbers

Life Divided: Dating App or Dating Crap?

Does Tinder hinder human interactions? Does Bumble fumble with how we find a sexual partner? Anna Lewis and Samuel Juniper debate just this

Blind Date: “She loved my tale of a pair of 12th...

Jen Holmes, First Year, Medicine, St Hugh’s Unfortunately, as per, I underestimated the time it takes to get anywhere from St Hugh’s, so I was a...

Blind Date: “He put up with my chat for nearly two...

Ella Thomas and Tom Linden bond over a shared love of techno house

How to: Get a date

Danger! These golden rules will make any person fall for you instantly!
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