Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Oxford vaccine provides sustained protection during 3-month interval until second dose

    dditionally, the Oxford vaccine may be effective in reducing transmission of coronavirus. Based on swabs obtained from volunteers in the UK, there was a 67% reduction in positive tests among those who had been vaccinated.

    Oxford vaccine effective against Kent variant

    In a pre-print published in The Lancet, which is yet to undergo peer-review, the researchers found that the Oxford vaccine had a similar effectiveness against the Kent variant than previous variants. It was also shown to decrease the viral load in people who have been vaccinated, meaning they are less likely to infect others.

    In Praise of the UK’s Vaccine Rollout

    I would argue that the vaccine rollout has been one of the few British successes to quietly emerge from the pandemic, primarily as the government has taken a step back and left it to non-partisan public bodies to head the process.

    Oxford study estimates over 60,000 excess deaths during pandemic

    The study, which looks at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mortality trends, reported an increase of 15.1% in the number of deaths compared with the expected level for 2020.

    COVID-19 immunity passports: a fair policy?

    "If we have sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis of developed immunity, then the policy of immunity passports should be seriously considered. "

    EU regulator approves Oxford vaccine

    The European Medicines Agency has approved the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for use in adults. The vaccine is the third to be given approval from the regulator.

    ONS survey finds students’ mental health has worsened since autumn 2020

    Average life satisfaction, measured out of 10, has fallen by 9% to 4.8 compared to 5.3 in November. Self-reported anxiety levels remained unchanged for students, but at 5.2 out of 10 students report a statistically significantly higher level of anxiety than the general population

    Oxford scientists prepare to edit vaccine to combat new variants

    Initial laboratory tests indicate that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is effective against the B117 variant which emerged in Kent. However, there are concerns that variants which emerged in Brazil and South Africa may be resistant to the vaccines being rolled out worldwide.

    New ICU unit planned for the John Radcliffe Hospital

    "The OUH NHS Trust have said they are facing double the number of patients ill with Covid-19 than in the country’s first wave."

    Oxford researchers accurately trace Covid-19 transmission through genomic epidemiology

    Before the March 2020 lockdown, high travel volumes and lax restrictions on international travel led to the circulation of more than 1,000 identifiable UK transmission lineages which had persisted into the summer of the same year.