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    Protest marks one year since murder of George Floyd and calls for removal of Rhodes statue

    "The protest marked the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and criticised Oriel College’s decision not to take down the High Street Statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes."

    Oxford societies respond to Chauvin trial outcome

    "While Oxford American Society is glad that the jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts, we understand that this verdict cannot bring back the life that was lost nor does it provide justice for any of the other individuals that have fallen victim to police brutality.”

    Black trauma porn, slacktivism, and chicken soup for the activist soul

    TW: racism, police brutality, racial violence The torrential online aftermath of the murder of a black man: posts mourning fallen black victims, names added to...

    Students petition for removal of Rhodes statue, protest planned for Tuesday

    In the wake of protests following the killing of George Floyd and an upsurge of anti-racist movement across the UK and within Oxford, there...

    South Asians and the BLM movement: Standing up for Fellow POC

    TW: Racism As a POC (British Indian), I have had my fair share of racist comments. Luckily for me, most of them have been pretty...

    Christ Church JCR candidate steps down after George Floyd comments, college responds

    A Christ Church JCR candidate has linked the protests after the death of George Floyd with "flour shortage", in JCR minutes seen by Cherwell....

    Christ Church JCR president addresses ‘disproportionate’ motions from colleges

    The president of the Christ Church JCR has requested other JCR presidents not to consider motions which he described as "disproportionate" relating to racially-charged...

    Silence is complicit, but so is inaction: Why JCRs and British institutions must act now

    On Sunday 31st May, we brought a motion to Christ Church JCR to donate £720 to the Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, and...

    The Open Casket of George Floyd

    TW: Racism When Emmett Till’s 14-year-old body was exhumed from the Tallahatchie River and laid to rest, his mother insisted on an open-casket funeral....

    Anti-blackness: a performative business

    TW: Racism The early 19th century saw the introduction of minstrel shows and their quick and steady spread across the United States and Britain. Minstrel...

    Oxford JCRs show solidarity with George Floyd protests

    A number of JCRs have proposed and passed motions in solidarity with George Floyd and ensuing protests in the United States.  So far St. Anne’s,...

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