Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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The problem with criminal biopics

Stories about the rise and fall of online scammers and their extravagant lifestyles in Nigeria can still be expertly told without making any reference to hushpuppi in particular. 
A film poster with an orange background and list of Tarantino's works in black and red.

Review: ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: The Good, The Bad...

"Perhaps Tarantino will become a better novelist as time goes on, but there's a charm to how this book is a behind-the-scenes look at a story still in construction, full of blind alleys and experiments."

Does the new Lion King roar?

It was only a matter of time before Disney’s 1994 animated film The Lion King fell victim to the ‘live-action’ remake and it should come as...

‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’: Marvel’s much-loved web-slinger swings back into action

"A pitch-perfect teenage (read: awkward) romance with great action, all anchored by solid performances from the ever-maturing cast."

To Infinitears and Beyond

"I realised I’d entirely missed the point of the franchise: it’s not about the owners, it’s about the toys." Chloe Whitehead was (unexpectedly) moved to tears by Pixar's latest offering.
Patricia Arquette stands on stage with an Oscar statuette and a sheet of paper, speaking into a microphone.

Hollywood’s lesser known gender gap

There's a lesser known gender gap in Hollywood - the difference in the shelflife of actors.
A mother, father, and infant smile and hug each other

Is it still a wonderful life in 2018?

The film may feature angels and an alternate reality, but it is among the most realistic of Christmas films

How Charlie Chaplin lost his voice

The rise and fall of the filmmaker and his silent medium

What does Hollywood’s new diversity trend mean for the industry?

The recent shake-up in diverse roles in Hollywood has repercussions for the balance of power of the entire industry -- as long as this new wave of films don't sacrifice quality for publicity.

Netflix and Cannes

Was the decision to ban Netflix from competing for awards at the Cannes Film Festival justified?