Friday, February 26, 2021
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    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    It surprises me that the length of a woman’s hair can affect how she is treated by others, whether she is treated as a girl or a woman.

    Identity and Identicality in Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half

    "Tender and thought-provoking, The Vanishing Half offers a reflection on whether a person can choose who they are. In a world where Stella and Desiree represent black and white, Bennett embraces the grey area of personal, racial, and gendered identity."

    Watching, Seeing

    I wonder why it matters so much to me that they’re watching. When I picture you, pulling up at the side of a cobbled...

    Anxiety and Me

    If I am having a bad day I am going to tell you and have no shame about it.

    Endangered Languages – The Loss of Human Identity

    ‘Linguistic diversity is beautiful’. In the face of a globalised economy, George Newton tells us the importance of keeping endangered languages alive and what you can do to help.

    The Modern Memoir

    “I can’t believe that we’re on the fifth instalment of my autobiography. As usual with me, the three years since my last book, You Only...

    Review: ‘A Portable Paradise’

    In a recent interview with the Guardian, the British-Trinidadian Roger Robinson conjectured that his poetry ‘came out of storytelling at the dinner table’. The...

    The perils of the high street: Zara’s polka dot dress.

    Should we exclusively shop second hand? The appeal of the "brand-new" and why fast fashion means we all wear the same thing

    Kiss My Genders – Celebrating identity with the Hayward Gallery

    The Hayward Gallery's huge curation 'Kiss my Genders' attempts to unite over thirty artists from the LGBTQ+ community in a celebration of gender identity and fluidity. Charlotte Hall gathers her impressions of the exhibitions - how effective is it at breaking down stereotypes and prejudice?

    Strictly Straight Dancing: Why millennials no longer watch TV

    Young people have switched off the box, could values have something to do with it?