Friday, April 16, 2021
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    May I Borrow The Tiger Please?

    The history of Tipu Sultan’s Tiger is the history of imperialistic acquisition

    The Pitt Rivers must face its dark past

    Museum director Dr. Van Broekhoven agrees that a future must be found for the Pitt Rivers' colonial history

    Balliol accused of bowing to “anti-colonial” pressure by moving Viceroy’s portrait

    After taking it down for repairs, the college have not replaced the portrait of George Curzon to its hall.

    The shameful truth about Churchill

    Despite Winston Churchill's major role in one of the greatest famines in the history of mankind he is still unduly lauded by the British people

    Oxford academics condemn “polemical and simplistic” research

    The professor described their actions as "collective online bullying"

    Oxford defends don accused of “whitewashing” the British empire

    Nigel Biggar had argued we should “moderate our post-imperial guilt”

    Decolonising history, or obscuring reality?

    Efforts to decolonise Oxford's past can draw a fictitious veil over history

    A flawed man with a revolutionary aim

    Ethan Croft explores Philippe Girard's admirable Toussaint Louverture: a revolutionary life