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Unclichéd and unabashed: LGBTQ+ storytelling at its best

Many a list of the ‘Top 10 LGBT films’ can be found online. Undoubtedly, another handful of these lists have popped up...

SOPHIE: a sound of change and triumph

Sophie’s music is the sound of triumph in insecurity and acceptance of identity

Eight LGBTQ+ Musical Theatre Songs to Listen to this Pride

As we face the prospect of another six months spent watching Star Wars and ‘sport’ (?) with heterosexual relatives, now more than...

Imperfect Nostalgia, Imagined Perfection

As a small child, it didn’t occur to me that the porcelain Mao Zedong bust in my grandparents’ living room was, to...

Sheldonian Theatre Plans for Gender-Neutral Toilet in Refurbishments

The University of Oxford Estates Service has submitted a planning application to Oxford City Council for the refurbishment of basement toilets in...

Plush condemns SU LGBTQ+ campaign

Plush, Oxford’s LGBTQ+ bar and club, has announced it will no longer recognise the Student Union’s LGBTQ+ Campaign as an “authoritative voice...

Marika Hackman and queer sexuality in music

Bolshy, brazen and unapologetically sexual – in Oxford, the first group of people to spring to mind from this description is likely...

In Vogue

Vogueing is having a moment. Again. The last time saw Madonna’s 1990 hit “Vogue” soar to the top of the charts in America and was supposed to herald a period of greater exposure for the New York ballroom community. It didn’t.

Review – Awkward Conversations With Animals I’ve F*cked

Fringe hit one-man-show exploring loneliness, love, sexuality and bestiality starts national tour in Oxford.
Image from outside Stonewall Inn of pride flags

Stonewall: 50 years on

We must never forget: Pride is a protest.