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Oxford’s twin city in Russia has spoken out in support of Ukraine

This weekend Oxford experienced numerous protests in solidarity with Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Over 4000 km away in Perm, Oxford’s twin city in...

The question of protest in a post-pandemic world

"After months, years now of isolation, our pent-up anger has found a way to spill over."

Anti-vaccine protest held during Oxford G7 Conference

Protesters marched through Oxford on Thursday to express their concerns about potential COVID vaccination policy in light of the G7 health ministers’ summit, hosted by the University of Oxford from June 3-4th.

The UN Anti-Racism Day protests in Oxford in photos

"The goal of the protest was to 'come together united against racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism [and] stand in solidarity with refugees and migrants to send a powerful message to those in power that racism will be defeated.'"

The Punjabi Farmers Standing up for India’s Democracy

Photographs of the ongoing Indian farmer strikes have trickled through to social media feeds across the world, in stark contrast with the relative silence...

Anti-lockdown protest takes place in Oxford

Anti-lockdown protests took place in Oxford’s Bonn Square at 12pm today, organised by Piers Corbyn’s group Stop New Normal. The event, called the Oxford...

Hong Kong National Security Law: Safeguard or Subversion?

"Any legal grounds in defence of the National Security Law are uprooted by the breaches in fundamental principles that have long governed life in Hong Kong, by the laws of China where justice and fairness are near non-existent."

From me to you: Jewish solidarity with BLM

CW: Discrimination, Antisemitism, Racial Abuse It is no secret that the United Kingdom has a widespread problem with systemic racism. The protests of the last...

The Right to Breathe & The Suffocation of Black Lives

"I can’t breathe." These were the chilling final words of George Floyd, spoken with Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed to his neck. Despite George Floyd becoming...

The Land of the Free: Anti-Lockdown Protests Sweep Across America

Following a surge in anti-lockdown protests in the US, Francesca Mencattelli asks how can we define freedom at extraordinary times such as these.

Extinction Rebellion: One Year On

"The events of the last two weeks have divulged the reality of Extinction Rebellion. "

Protests in Iran shine a light on the international stance in the Middle East

Protests and instability remind us of the crucial role Iran plays in Middle Eastern politics

The Mooch ignites fresh Union protests

A crowd of ten people gathered to protest Scaramucci's appearance

Open House squatters evicted from second University building

Twenty people have been offered overnight shelter in an East Oxford church

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