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    Phones have taken over. Can we switch off?

    "Social media is using the population as free labour, collecting our data after we produce it for free."

    The changing role of Christianity in British society

    In 2018 a survey found that 70% of young Brits aged 16–29 had no religious affiliation. Yet the country as a whole remains firmly...

    Society Spotlight: Oxford Social Impact

    "Consultancy gives you power to influence decisions at the highest levels of management within governments and organisations. A consultant can make sure that positive social impact is an important factor at the forefront of the decision making table." Scott Hextall and Henry Grandage write about how consulting can be more than just being a “corporate sellout”; it can make a difference.

    Student art: only for the privileged few?

    Whether you love it, hate it, or love to hate it, it is undeniable that the student art scene remains a fundamental space for...

    Has video killed the Radio Star ?

    Is it time to wave radio goodbye in the 2020s? Broadcasting audio across the airwaves seems antiquated. Do we not live in a world of virtual reality and TikTok videos, our eyes continuously glued to a screen?

    The Dangers of Disney+

    For the past few years, the same small collection of streaming services has vied for the attention of UK viewers. But things are set to change rapidly in the coming months, as practically every big media company will pitch their own tent in an increasingly competitive media landscape.

    The debate to ban slates shouldn’t be overlooked

    Union internal politics may seem irrelevant, but this cronyism has repercussions for our future society

    PakSoc beaten by rivals OIS

    Shiv Bhardwaj reports on a convincing victory for Bharat Ramanathan's Oxford India Society CC

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