Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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    Summer and Smoke Review – ‘re-staged inventively, but unpretentiously’

    Rebecca Frecknall's musical re-imagining of William's play at the Almeida is dazzling

    The Crocodile review – ‘a carefully considered yet hilariously nuts production’

    Cesca Echlin is left in fits after a performance of Dostoyevsky's short story

    Labyrinth preview – ‘an impressive blend of exciting text and creative...

    Tom Mackie finds himself anything but lost in this psychomaniacal retelling of the Theseus and Ariadne myth

    Ishtar preview -‘Nothing if not entrancing’

    An excellently engaging gloss of an intriguing archaic myth

    Crocodile preview – ‘This is going to be properly funny’

    Nitrous Cow look set to provide a rip-roaring comedy follow-up to their sold out debut 'Lovesong' last term

    Protest as performance – Suffragettes take the limelight

    Breaking the Fifth Wall festival kickstarts with an illuminating talk

    Hedda review – ‘stubbornly disturbing and nuanced’

    The most anticipated-show of Hilary term lands with both style and substance

    The Polycephaly Monologues Review – ‘seamlessly combines the surreal with the...

    Tom Mackie is left amazed, but confused, by Nick Smart's juicy, absurdist work

    Hanna Review – ‘strikingly honest’

    Meg Harris is touched by a mother's monologue at the North Wall Centre

    Dining al Desko review – ‘gently depressing but hilarious’

    The subtle destruction of office careers, told via its character's monologue is amusing and meaningful.