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    “Heartwarming, enjoyable, and refreshingly different”: A Review of Sisyphus House

    'The charm of the production was in the idea that the titular house had been witness to all sorts of burgeoning relationships throughout its tenure, and this was sweetly conveyed through Nott and Bruton’s writing.'

    ‘Women You Know’: Review

    "I laughed, I tried but failed to cry, and had an overall nice time spending my Wednesday evening listening to these two women."

    Scenes with Girls: In conversation with Love Song Productions

    "The dialogue is simultaneously so realistic and so weird and the characters and themes felt like they would really ring true to a student audience."

    Vessel: In conversation with Grace Olusola

    TW: fatphobia, eating disorders, self-harm. Vessel, the new theatrical anthology from Dawn Productions, examines our relationship with the body and food through episodic fragments....

    Wilde at heart: In Conversation with members of the Lincoln Drama Society

    It’s practically a cliché to say that with such short and busy terms, there are more events happening in Oxford than any person could...

    In conversation with the creatives behind Top Girls

    "Every play Caryl Churchill writes has revolutionised theatre."

    “Strikingly modern” – Review: Twelfth Night at Waterperry Gardens

    May McEvoy reviews Somerville College Drama Society and Sunday Productions' Twelfth Night.

    “Inclusive and psychologically profound” – Review: Dracula

    Sophie Magalhaes reviews Leah O'Grady's 'queer Dracula' at Michael Pilch Studio.

    Review: Intimacies, after Vallotton

    "Against the backdrop of Majek’s enigmatic blue-toned figures, Spencer, with the help of a multi-roling, all-Black voice cast playing a broad spectrum of characters, reveals tantalising glimpses of these figures’ lives."

    Bringing Oxford theatre to London via a garden shed: an interview with the cast and crew of Casterbridge

    "It’s a bit of a mad play, and a lot of quite mad things happen, because that’s what happens when you translate Victorian characters into the modern era."

    ‘Heartbreaking and beautiful’ – Review: Brain Freeze

    "From the play’s beginning, this immensely talented cast of Oxford students captured my imagination, and I was swept up by the story they had to tell."

    ‘The modern cult of the Girl Boss’ – Review: She Felt Fear

    "Surrounded by the pressure to be beautiful, to craft a beautiful life, and to appreciate beauty, is it any wonder that Kathy goes a bit crazy? She Felt Fear is a portrait of hysteria in the twenty-first century."

    ‘Mortality and the human condition’ – Review: Wednesday, Death Meditation

    "This uncomplicated plot provides Worth with rich opportunities for philosophical musings, with ideas explored in the piece ranging from the abrupt to the more profound."

    New writing in Oxford: An interview with Shaw Worth and Kirsty Miles

    "I think to write a play you’ve got to be constantly re-inspired. It requires so many exchanges between characters and demands inhabiting so many different psyches."

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