Saturday, June 5, 2021
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    Tag: trans rights

    Matt Hancock challenged by Oxford student over trans healthcare

    Mr Hancock was at Mansfield College for the G7 health summit, when a student challenged him over the long delays experienced by trans people trying to access support.

    Student Profile: Elliot Brooke

    I log onto a zoom call to be greeted by an array of colours: placards from protests cascade down the walls, various rainbow objects...

    Oxford stands against transphobia

    A demonstration in support of trans rights will be held today in response to a meeting of self-described feminist group Woman’s Place UK (WPUK)....

    NUS Trans and International officers axed amidst bankruptcy cutbacks

    NUS has also been forced to let half of its staff go and sell its London headquarters

    Magdalen JCR votes to introduce ‘gender expression’ fund

    The motion noted that items such as these “can go a long way towards preventing gender dysphoria."

    Magdalen to appoint new trans rep

    A motion to establish a new position of transgender representative on the Magdalen College JCR committee was passed unanimously at a meeting on Sunday...