Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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    The power of silence: the art of Marina Abramović

    Much of Abramović's work uses silence and ritualization to suspend all meaning of time

    Oxford International Art Fair Review – Open to all

    Oxford international arts fair offers a accessible approach to curation for better or worse

    The changing face of the Virgin

    Chris Ofili's new depiction of the Virgin Mary is shocking and enticing in equal measure

    Kabakov Tate Review- ‘an exercise in alternative perspectives’

    Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's 'Not Everyone Will Be Taken into the Future' illustrates the horrors of the Soviet Union through a series of juxtaposing perceptions

    A woman weaving herself into history

    Hypnotising acidic colours scream out for Anoushka Kavanagh’s attention

    Imagining the Divine review – engrossing and important

    Lizzy Diggins is intrigued by the religious crossovers at the Ashmolean's new exhibition

    A perfectly preserved corner of London speaks to modern Britain

    Susie Finlay discovers the delights of still-life drama

    Pastel pink speculums, embroidered condoms, and art for reproductive freedom

    Anoushka Kavanagh explains why protest art is now more important than ever

    Holidays: Cherwell Visuals competition

    Whether you spent the vac away or at home, send your holiday art to [email protected] for a chance to see it in print

    Windy colours

    Emma Leech recalls her encounter with Henry the homeless artist and his unexpected colour palette