Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    The Minefield of Coronavirus Metaphors

    “This is the frontline in a war,” begins BBC medical correspondent Fergus Walsh’s special report on coronavirus, filmed in University College Hospital, London. He...

    The War Against Coronavirus: Life After the Pandemic

    Ben O'Brien discusses the language of war in the fight against COVID-19 and asks what a 'post-corona' Britain will look like.

    Review: Caging Skies and Jojo Rabbit

    When depicting the world and ideology of Nazi-Germany, the theme of childhood or the child-like figure is quite a well-used one. Key examples include...

    Acting Directly: Zoe Lafferty

    Zoe Lafferty, according to the Daily Mail, is “absolutely one-sided” and “leaves no doubt where her sympathies lie.” The first part may be a...

    Culture Under Attack

    The Imperial War Museum. Think cannons, guns and fighter aircraft. Think Teenage Kicks being blasted out at full volume? Culture Under Attack brings together unlikely connections between art and conflict.

    Wadham commits to full divestment from coal and tar sands

    The decision is a major victory for student campaigners, who have been pressuring colleges and the University to withdraw financial support for the fossil fuel, tobacco and arms industries.

    John Bolton: The case for a citizen’s arrest

    While the Union’s courting of the far-right has brought protests and boycotts, Bolton’s visit has gone largely unremarked - but he represents an immediate threat to the lives of people of colour.

    Prelude to war or diplomatic overture?

    What’s next for the United States and Iran.

    Indian and Pakistani students unite for anti-war protest

    In an open letter, the students write: “We refuse to succumb to this environment of fear and suspicion. We refuse to see our friends as enemies. We refuse to hate those we hold dear. This is not our war.”

    St John’s JCR declares war on LMH

    The motion retaliates against LMH's declaration of war on Sweden