Sunday, July 25, 2021
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    Tag: black lives matter

    Oxford societies respond to Chauvin trial outcome

    "While Oxford American Society is glad that the jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts, we understand that this verdict cannot bring back the life that was lost nor does it provide justice for any of the other individuals that have fallen victim to police brutality.”

    Black Lives Playlist: Track One Preview

    "Adapting to online technology was a necessity but I also felt that recent events provided a long-due kick in the backside to get narratives about Black experiences into the Oxford drama scene. Sure, we have ‘inclusive casting’, but this inclusivity isn’t currently extending into the voices being produced as far as it should." James Newbery interviews Sam Spencer about his upcoming project.

    ‘Change Is Your Responsibility’ – more than just a song

    "When Paddy hit me up, I was like: this is 100% something I want to be the voice on."

    The NBA’s return in the time of Black Lives Matter and...

    'This season’s title race is arguably one of the most competitive in recent memory, with no one team clearly dominating'

    Black Lives Matter Oxford faces antisemitism concerns

    CW: antisemitism, Racism The group Black Lives Matter Oxford has been accused of antisemitism after posting a widely criticised mural as a cover photo for...

    Black trauma porn, slacktivism, and chicken soup for the activist soul

    TW: racism, police brutality, racial violence The torrential online aftermath of the murder of a black man: posts mourning fallen black victims, names added to...

    NEVER fail to call out racism: the devastation of silence

    TW: Racism, sexual assault  British society and campuses continue to live in denial of racial inequality entrenched in our communities. Removing the burden of racism...

    From me to you: Jewish solidarity with BLM

    CW: Discrimination, Antisemitism, Racial Abuse It is no secret that the United Kingdom has a widespread problem with systemic racism. The protests of the last...

    South Asians and the BLM movement: Standing up for Fellow POC

    TW: Racism As a POC (British Indian), I have had my fair share of racist comments. Luckily for me, most of them have been pretty...

    The Right to Breathe & The Suffocation of Black Lives

    "I can’t breathe." These were the chilling final words of George Floyd, spoken with Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed to his neck. Despite George Floyd becoming...