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Are Celebrities Useless?

‘The rich and powerful are living through a crisis of personality rather than of public health.’ Lauren Shirreff assesses the contribution of celebrities in times of global crisis.
Image Credit: Ellie Wilkins

Government funds three Oxford COVID-19 projects

Three University of Oxford research projects will receive shares of a £20million government investment to combat coronavirus. Six UK projects will benefit...

Fashion’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

In times of crisis, fashion is rarely at the forefront of people’s minds. As the world attempts to navigate daily life in...

Oxford medical students join NHS to combat coronavirus

Students will assist in both an administrative and patient-facing capacity

Music: In Isolation but not Isolated

Anna Gunstone reflects on how listening to music can remain a communal experience even in isolation.

The War Against Coronavirus: Life After the Pandemic

Ben O'Brien discusses the language of war in the fight against COVID-19 and asks what a 'post-corona' Britain will look like.

Culture and isolation: the silver linings

I’ve found myself – an English undergraduate – reading for fun again.
Image credit: Ellie Wilkins

Oxford student sets up volunteer tutoring service

A student at the University of Oxford has founded the “Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative”, a service which pairs university students with school students...

The Pandemic of Panic Buying

Stockpiling exposes the vulnerabilities of the food aid system

Is the coronavirus killing culture?

Arts and culture, sectors which have already faced significant funding cuts, may have to adapt to a new normal if we are to welcome them back to our stages, screens, and books.