Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Futuristic costumes for Romeo and Juliet

Lara Drew and Jasmin Yang-Spooner interview Hattie Morrison, clothing designer for RxJ, discussing avocado skins and subverting gender roles

Statement Pieces: Beth Kidd’s Mouse Bracelet

For Beth Kidd, a charm bracelet brings back memories of a trying time in childhood

Barbie: Mind over Mattel?

Olivia Retter writes of the bold female aspirations behind her childhood Barbie

Statement Pieces: Caroline Ritchie’s Corduroy Jacket

A $69 jacket from a Melbourne charity shop gives Caroline Ritchie more trouble than she bargained for...

My summer at GQ

Christina Bianchi discusses and demystifies her internships at Condé Nast

Danilo Venturi: “Not caring about fashion is like not voting”

Alice Demurtas discusses the politics of fashion with Danilo Venturi, the dean of Polimoda, one of the world's most famous fashion schools.

Scent and Sense

Oli Williams, the blogger behind, explores the effect of smell and perfume on the human psyche.

The Oxonian Dandy: Accessories

Dante O'Keefe rounds off the term's tips with a note on accessories
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