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Go get that bread: Tips for navigating the job market

Applying for jobs can be daunting and stressful. Below you can find some bearings, ideas and starting points to help you to navigate this...

From Cherwell to the BBC: Marianna Spring in Conversation

Since being appointed the BBC’s first specialist disinformation reporter at the start of 2020, she has monitored the spread of viral misinformation and conspiracy theories across social media, and the consequences when they bleed into the real world. It has been a year which has seen her delve into corners of the internet where QAnon and anti-vax conspiracies thrive,

In Conversation with Amelia Dimoldenberg

“I am very picky. Like everyone is with who they date. It goes through criteria. Are they exciting enough? Is there a buzz around them? Do we think they’re going to be big if they’re not already? Watching previous interviews, do they have charisma? Are they funny? All these different things.”

Interviews to be online for second year running

"The University stresses that 'no candidate or their school will be expected to purchase a touchscreen device in order to participate'."

Questions alone don’t tell the story of an Oxford interview

In the wake of Oxford publishing an insight into its interviews, Roddy Jackson warns that the process will not be demystified by headline-grabbing questions

David Lammy: “You cannot describe Oxford as an inclusive environment”

Labour MP David Lammy tells Will Dry why he’s taking on Oxford’s “exclusive” application process, and how students should help

Oxford publishes sample interview materials

University seeks to demystify admissions process

Hertford accidentally distributes rejection letters

An email attachment was circulated containing the details of all unsuccessful applicants

Interview: Jessy Parker Humphreys

Alex Barasch talks to Jessy Parker Humphreys, one half of Not Your Nice Girl, about gender, drama and performance art in Plush

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