Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    A series of posters of two pigs in the style of Michaelangelo's God and man

    Review: The Oxford Revue and Friends – ‘an unforgettable comedic experience’

    A triple bill of comedy from Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham impresses at the Oxford Playhouse

    Review: How to Use a Washing Machine – ‘script and score...

    SLAM Theatre's original musical impresses in Oxford before it embarks on a national tour
    A cartoon drawing of a young man in a green morph suit, holding a pregnancy test, with a penguin standing next to him and a crab next to his feet. The words 'The First Last' are written next to him

    Review: The First Last – ‘an unmitigated triumph’

    Student playwright Matt Kenyon's hilarious comedy about unplanned fatherhood is on at the BT Studio until Saturday
    A comedian stands on stage holding a microphone. The background is black

    Should comedy have an expiration date?

    In a politically correct society, we look at whether it is right to remove offensive jokes from comedies written before our time
    Two girls sit in front of a clothes rail, with white ruffles round their necks, one of them looking at the other

    Review: The Roaring Girl – ‘a ground-breaking proto-feminist piece of theatre’

    With cross-dressing, feminist themes and a feisty soundtrack, The Roaring Girl proves a fifth week delight
    A young woman and man sitting on the floor in a living room; the man looks off to the side and the woman is looking at him

    Review: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons – ‘complex but never cumbersome’

    With a compelling performance and effective use of lighting and music, Dromadaire Productions encourages us to consider the importance of communication

    Female Comedians Finding the Funny in the Filth

    The term ‘female comedians’ is a, well, funny one. Should we still be so insistently adding the ‘female’ part? Female comedians are...

    The exploitation of musicians’ emotional struggles

    "The general reaction to musicians’ pains is a testament to the humanity of our age."

    The Funny/Not Funny Exercise

    A review of David Sedaris' 'Calypso' (Little, Brown, 2018)
    A young woman dressed up as a man reads off a sheet of paper as she gives a speech; three actors stand in the background watching her

    Review: Twelfth Night – ‘dispels the myth that Shakespeare isn’t...

    Brasenose Arts Week puts a contemporary spin on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night