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‘Hustler nation’: A Kenyan cultural crisis? 

Jomo Kenyatta’s ‘Harambee’ movement in 1963 sought to unite the then newly formed Kenyan Republic, assembling from smouldering ashes a sense of cooperation and...

Wizardry, canal boats, and the Vicky Arms

“It’ll be a fucking feast,” Mother Catweazle declares. Strapping in for the second Catweazle Club of February, Common Ground is abuzz with anticipation.  Streams of...

The forgotten pandemic?

"The emergence of anti-vaccine extremism demonstrated that the ghost of dogmatic individualism lived on"

Spotlight: The Gatehouse’s Community Café

The Gatehouse must be one of the only social enterprises in Oxford where an upsurge in usage is not necessarily a good thing. Since...

A retrospective on Pesach 2022: Naomi

"I definitely felt a greater level of spiritual connection to the holiday of Passover than I ever have before."

Women’s Street Watch: Finding strength in solidarity

"While it is saddening that their work is necessary, Women’s Street Watch has become a way for women to seize control against a tide of news that they often feel they are helplessly swimming against."

Clubbing in Culture: Rituals of Community-Finding

On the dancefloor is where you find your people in the deepest sense

Rituals: A reminder that you’re not alone

I will never forget the feeling of looking up from the yellowish parchment paper of the biblical scroll and seeing everyone I love. It was at this moment that I realised what coming of age rituals are all about: the feeling of being part of something larger than yourself.

The Sheldonian

That is the beauty of the concert. Music threading its way in and out of the thoughts of a hundred vague spirits in the audience.

Lessons Learned & Forgotten: The Role of Community During the Ebola Outbreak

The headspace flooding by Covid-19, is a familiar experience for many communities torn by humanitarian crises. The number of Covid-19 related fatalities has become almost arbitrary; the...

Remembering Toledo

Upon arriving in Oaxaca, you’re immediately struck by its rebellious and artistic character: the multi-coloured walls boast bold and political street art, small lithograph workshops pepper the streets and after school young children hawk their drawings on the main street.

New community hub for Wadham House

Aristotle House will be repurposed by Makespace Oxford into a venue for charities, workers’ cooperatives and social enterprises.

‘Community’ teaches us all how to say goodbye

Christopher Goring looks back nostalgically at the final episode of the cult postmodernist sitcom

Debate: Does Oxford foster a sense of community?

Maxim Parr-Reid and Tilly Nevin debate whether Oxford University fosters a sense of community

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