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    Tag: spotlight

    Pablo Neruda’s subtle patterns show us how to feel

    The brilliant simplicity of the Chilean poet is his greatest strength

    Spotlight: DFO

    Will Cowie on those three magic letters

    Spotlight: Emily the Snake

    Emily the Snake are a funky outfit full of potential, says Will Cowie

    Spotlight: Yellow Days

    Natalia Bus takes a look at new music

    Spotlight: Bad Sounds

    Will Cowie on new band of the week, Bad Sounds

    Spotlight: Boxed In

    Will Cowie finds a promising spark in Oli Bayston's melancholic melodies

    Spotlight: The Lemon Twigs

    The Lemon Twigs are a band of sumptuous harmonies and odd thrills, says Natalia Bus

    Spotlight: Sal Para

    Natalia Bus is captivated by this Oxford artist's authentic debut effort

    Spotlight: Basic Space

    Natalia Bus delights in the Oxford duo's relaxing sound

    Spotlight: the Edinburgh Fringe

    The first thing that strikes you when you get off the train is Edinburgh as a city; this bizarrely layered and ancient city of...

    Spotlight: Drama and identity

    Alex Barasch notes a welcome development in Oxford’s theatre scene and beyond

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