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Truss’ ‘mini-budget’ is a car crash for young and ordinary people

What I didn’t foresee were the perilous moves and gambles he made to save the richest in our country tens of thousands of pounds and leave everyone else picking up the pieces of a wrecked economy.

(Women’s) football: the past, the present and hopes for the future

"Interest, support, strong passionate sentiments of support from prominent individuals – that is recent but professionalism, grit, and determination that has been displayed by the Lionesses is certainly not."

The slow death of liberty

The problem with all these superficially defendable laws is that they fundamentally change our understanding of what a right is.

What are Conservative Party Members thinking?

"What makes all of this even more crazy and difficult for me to get my head around is that the members seem blissfully unaware of just how unelectable Truss is"

Is Labour still about labour?

Some people have noticed that the Labour Party is becoming progressively detached from the needs of the working class.

A very Italian scandal: the story of Draghi’s fall

The uniqueness of Italian politics is its surreal and absurd dimensions.

A crisis on our doorstep: threats to abortion rights are closer than you think

This ‘distant’ despair is much closer than we fear.

The fall of ‘Super Mario’ – Draghi resignation now risks adding to Italy and Europe’s political turmoil

The leaders of Italy’s biggest political parties must, now more than ever, put the interests of their people at the forefront of their minds.

Mo Farah – How Britain’s greatest athlete enhanced his legacy even further

Farah’s hope in revealing his story is that people sit up and take notice

The Trade Union Scare

It is also worth asking: how can workers respond to unjust circumstances and work conditions if their demands are largely ignored?

The Complicated Legacy of Shinzo Abe

Abe’s most cherished goal was to revise Japan’s ‘pacifist’ constitution; a goal he never achieved.

The Arab Spring: ten years on

"Following 10 tumultuous years, it is hard to see any hope for these war-scarred countries." Zoe Lambert looks back at the Arab Spring, questioning the successes and failures, and reflects on being in Morocco as it began in 2010.

The topography of Oxford

"Then there were more obscure terms: "see you in Cowley". I must admit that given the notoriously well-articulated British pronunciation I honestly believed they were referring to a certain Cow Lake, which I then presumed to be located in Christchurch Meadow, given the cows. It appears that it is the name of the vibrant area south of Oxford." Nicola Carotenuto provides a satirical glance at Oxford student life and lingo.

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