Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Alternative media: how are we getting our information?

    "Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube are great sources of information and will become the main ones for many of us. This in itself is not a negative; technology adapts, and the way people live their lives adapts with technology - but so must regulations and laws" W A Whitten discusses how alternative forms of media are shaping news reporting.

    Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis: a Failure of Ethnofederalism?

    "While it is essential to understand the way Ethiopia’s ethnofederal structure has influenced the current crisis, and will continue to do so, it’s perhaps not particularly useful to assign the system blame. It is the product of a long history of other tried and failed systems."

    Toxic mask-ulinity: What COVID-19 tells us about the cult of the...

    "How has a public health measure become a point of gender expression?"

    Pandemic Perspectives: Texas

    The current state of COVID-19 in Texas is ultimately a failure of federal and local leadership.

    The problem with Pornhub: and how they get away with it

    "Tube sites like PornHub have conditioned us to expect that porn should always be free; but this convenience has a cost."

    SATIRE: Coming out of my Cage and I’ve Been Doing Just...

    Might as well start by saying if you’re a resident of Wokeville, stop reading now. Apparently, I’m a serial offender when it comes to...

    Wes Beckett on the Coronavirus

    Hilary Term 2020, Issue 2

    Gender roles impact men’s mental health

    We must deconstruct unspoken gender norms

    Why I won’t be protesting Trump

    A decade of unknown change is worth protesting more than a two day visit

    Bops are for everyone – the themes we choose should be...

    Joe Sibley praises the Mansfield Entz team's change of heart