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Deuteronomy Review: Breath-taking, Heart-stopping, Terrifying

"I will be back tomorrow, and the day after; because if I never see Deuteronomy again it will be the tragedy of my life."

Dead Man’s Suitcase: A Review

"At once funny and profound, Dead Man’s Suitcase is a treat for the senses."

Review: Romeo and Juliet at the National Theatre

"Why stage Romeo and Juliet a year into a global pandemic? Godwin’s primary response to the pandemic appears to be the focus on touch in the production: it reminds us of the power of human contact, and the depth of feeling that can only be experienced in person." Katie Kirkpatrick reviews the new National Theatre production of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

Review: Richard II

Not Way Forward Productions has managed to put up a brilliant virtual version of ‘Richard II’ in pre-recorded video format. It is well-executed -...

Review: Dr Faustus

“Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.”  As clawing hands ooze from behind a bookshelf, as twisted shadows creep against the walls,...

Review: The Oxford Revue and Friends

To keep an audience laughing consistently at amateur comedy sketches for over two hours is the impressive achievement of the cast of ‘Oxford Revue...

Review: BOYS

Boys, by Ella Hickson, centres on a group of men at the crisis point between university and the real world. As both Benny and...

Review: Angels in America

“Holocausts can occur,” Larry Kramer asserts in his Reports from the Holocaust: The Making of an AIDS Activist, “and probably most often do occur,...

Preview: Pleading Stupidity

As Storm Dennis raged, I wondered if it was strictly necessary that I went to the preview of Pleading Stupidity.It was a whole six minutes’...

Review: Bad Nick

Nicholas is a critically acclaimed author, a literary genius, and a winner of no less than fourteen Man Booker prizes…except that all of his...

Review: ÜnkelGårf

Planning a holiday soon? Why not visit the prosperous, democratic and perpetually joyful nation of Orgislavia? They’ve hosted the Olympics for hundreds of years...

Review: The Entertainer

"Stage Wrong’s performance draws us into the dysfunctional, haunted world of the Rice family and insightfully pulls apart their fractures." Alice Williams reviews The Entertainer at Keble O'Reilly.

Review: The Pillowman

Martin McDonagh’s jet black comedy is brought to life (and sentenced to a gruesome death) by Tom Fisher and his stellar cast. I coughed, continuously,...

Ishtar preview -‘Nothing if not entrancing’

An excellently engaging gloss of an intriguing archaic myth

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